Trujay Group acquires HubSpot!

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Trujay Group acquires HubSpot!
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by Darren Trumeter

Trujay Group acquires HubSpot!

After months of intense discussions, Trujay Group found that HubSpot was already public and hugely successful and they did not have enough money to acquire HubSpot after all.  But we can confirm they are truly a great company to partner with...

Happy April Fool's Day - but seriously, it really is our first birthday! 

Our story is a fun one. After a few months of research and planning, Nina Hendricks and I created this company on April Fool's Day, 2016, with the general idea of creating a company that was different from many we had worked at in the past.  

For Trujay, the plan was:  

  • Employees come first, before customers and others
  • High Quality services
  • Addition of Software and SaaS solutions
  • No investors
We've had a great year and have several new partners and employees to thank for the ride!


We do plan on celebrating, and while we hope we don't end up with cake all over our faces, we just cannot be sure.

What you really need to know about Trujay:

  • We are employee owned, and we believe (and hope) this model will explode in the coming years. We've seen companies where the founders and investors owned a great majority of the company and the cultures were all over the map, but many times it's not an enjoyable experience for too many. We think the future involves more employee owned entities with a better payout, more say in how the business runs, and more fun.
  • Our partners are awesome! We partner with iPaaS vendors like Bedrock Data (who helped us start our business -- thank you John Marcus!), Dell Boomi, Scribe, and Workato. In addition, we have an incredible partnership with HubSpot and help their customers migrate and integrate data every week. These partners all helped us get to market quickly and have supported our growth along the way.
  • We have grown with amazing employees including Tyler McCombs, Scot Trumeter, and Tim Munro, and from our start in super hip Austin - we now stretch all the way to Australia.
  • Our customers love us. We have high customer satisfaction ratings and will always go above and beyond to make sure our customers receive the best service and are able to manage their systems efficiently.
  • We focus on SaaS migrations and integration services and solutions, with a strong expertise on connecting CRM, MA and ERP solutions.

Thanks for your business!

We appreciate the support of all of our customers and partners over the last year! Our growth rate has been impressive and will continue as we move through 2017.

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